Support Trends Analysis
We identify patterns in your customer or tech support data, identify the source of the issues in the product experience and make recommendations. If necessary, design and testing services can be provided to correct the issues.

Competitive Landscape Analysis
Each year Xperience Engineering goes to conventions like the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to see how the electronic world will look in the next 2-3 years. This knowledge is used in the Competitive Landscape Analysis to describe how competitors compare to each other based upon features, capabilities and usability. The output is a list of features and product specifications for your new product or web site. This report is also useful when redesigning to compete better in the marketplace.

Product Comparison Analysis
This analysis compares two or three products based upon features, capabilities and usability.

Future Trends Report
This report describes present trends in a given product category and changes in the near future that will differentiate certain products over others. Information from the yearly Consumer Electronics Show is leveraged to provide a unique look into the future.