We test everything from software to lawn mowers. The resulting report contains issues found and recommended fixes.

Usability Testing
We evaluate usability using two methods; Expert Evaluations and Usability Tests. In an Expert Evaluation, an engineer uses the product to find usability issues. The output is a detailed report of usability problems and recommended fixes. In an User Evaluation, users use the product or software while we observe and videotape the sessions. The output is a detailed report and highlight video.

Functional & Safety Testing
An engineer uses every feature of the product or web site, making sure that it functions as designed. With products, any safety issues are identified.

Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Services
Pre-UL Testing involves performing the same tests that UL will perform. We identify issues beforehand, avoiding costing retesting and speeding up the UL testing process. If you would ilke to have all of your UL activities done by us, we can set up an UL Test Management agreement. We will then prepare your product for testing, get a quote from UL, submit the product and work with UL to resolve any issues.